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What's the point of a website?

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Websites - these days, almost every organisation has one. If you don't have one, we bet you've had people tell you that you need one.

In this bitesize Top Tips article, we'll take a look at why websites are so important for small organisations, beyond just having people find you and making sales.

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Here's what you already know.

You're on our website, so you already know what the internet is. It's been around as we know it since the mid-1990s and has revolutionised many parts of our life.

Business websites are a way to get in front of your customers' faces and sell to them in the same interaction. Charity websites help you to gain credibility and get donations. Church websites make it easy for seekers to find you.

Although these things are worth saying, none of it will be new to you. But at Goosio, we believe that websites can go a lot further than just these things.

Go beyond awareness and sales.

The main benefits we've mentioned already are functional things, things which your organisation needs.

You need sales and donations, so you create a website to help get them. You need people to find you, so you create a website to make that happen.

You can do all these things without putting too much thought into how your website is constructed. As long as the information is there, the buttons work, and people can find you on Google, you can do what you need to.

The thing about this approach is that it misses the broader impact that a website has on the person who sees it.

Make an impression.

They say it takes 7 seconds to form a first impression of someone. This takes into account the shape of their face, the colours and styles of their clothes, the way their voice sounds, the tone they speak with, and how easy they are to get on with.

A website is the same. People will form an impression of the organisation as a whole based on the website. The shapes, colours, font styles, word choice, ease of use - all of it feeds into how people perceive you.

The way your website is designed is a chance to go beyond the functional purposes it serves. It's a chance to express your values, vision, story, personality, and way of operating.

The shapes you choose have different meanings, while the colours you use have a psychological impact on people seeing your site. All the elements should be chosen carefully.

Make the most of every opportunity.

Designing your website in this way makes sure that all parts of your site are singing from the same hymn sheet. It's a chance to go far beyond the functionality of your site, as you take control of the impression you leave your visitors with.

Whether you're a business, a charity, or a church, make sure that your website is doing justice to the reason you exist. You have a story worth telling, and your website is a key way for you to get that story across.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or want to chat about this more.

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