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Comforting Hands - Visual Identity

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Sam has been friends with Tinotenda Mrewa, the Founder and CEO of Comforting Hands, for several years now. They worked together on some of Tino's previous ventures, so we were delighted when Tino reached out to us to help him craft the visual identity for his new business.

The client

Comforting Hands is a family business that provides supported living, domiciliary care, and other types of care to the elderly, those with learning disabilities, and young people who have been struggling with substance abuse or who have been imprisoned.

Young black man in a suit and tie
Tinotenda Mrewa, Founder & CEO of Comforting Hands

One of the defining characteristics of Comforting Hands is that they put almost as much emphasis on their staff as they do on their clients.

Being a carer is a challenging job, so Comforting Hands do everything they can to make it easier - including emotional support, company cars for staff, company houses, and investing in superior technology.

Comforting Hands is like a family, and as Tino puts it, "Charity starts at home".


The process

Tino's vision was to strike a balance in the Comforting Hands brand among ingenuity, modernity, love and trust. So we got to work.

Most of our Bekah's initial sketches featured a heart or a home in some form, attempting to use those classic images of care and comfort in new ways.

Series of six rough logo sketches

When it came to colours, we proposed a range of pallets, with each emphasizing different aspects of the brand more strongly.

Series of six logo sketches in different colours

The result

In the end, Tino chose the design which shows a heart divided in two, with one half putting a comforting arm around the other. The heart shape brings out the emphasis on love and comfort, while the cool colours of blue-green and charcoal suggest modernity and trustworthiness.

Comforting Hands logo

We paired this design with the modern and flexible font Poppins to create a few different versions of the logo with text.

This font is versatile and will work well for the website we're now building for Comforting Hands, as well as any print marketing materials they create in the future.

Tino was delighted with the result and promptly made this his WhatsApp profile photo. It was a good feeling.

Get in touch if you're looking for someone to help craft a visual identity for your organisation.

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