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Adelai Shalom Trust - Visual Identity

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Hayley Clarke reached out to Bekah after discovering her illustration Instagram account. She asked whether Bekah would be able to illustrate a logo for a new trust which Hayley was planning to start in her daughter Adelai's name, to raise awareness for Batten Disease. We took on the project through Goosio and loved working on it.

The client

Adelai Shalom Trust is a charitable trust which Hayley and her husband Mark have set up to raise awareness of Batten disease, the rare genetic disease which their daughter Adelai, affectionately known as Addy, has.

The Batten Disease Family Association estimates that there are less than 100 children in the UK with this disease, which currently has no cure.

A mother kissing her young daughter on the cheek
Hayley Clarke with her daughter Adelai, or Addy

Addy's whole family has received an outpouring of generosity and support from people around the world. The church in Swindon and around the world has been particularly kind.

Hayley and Mark feel that God has allowed them to raise awareness of Batten disease, to support research to find a cure, and to encourage parents of other children with the disease.

And that's where this project comes in.


The process

Hayley wanted a logo that captured Addy's personality and expressed hope and positivity in the face of Batten Disease. She also wanted it to point to the deeper meaning of God's faithfulness and love to them.

Bekah created several initial designs with variations of Addy, her brother, and her favourite stuffed unicorn toy. Many of the designs included a rainbow, as a symbol of God's promises.

Five rough sketches of a logo featuring a little girl, a little boy, and a stuffed unicorn toy

The colours for this design almost picked themselves with the rainbow and the pink unicorn. Hayley chose pink for Addy's shirt, quite simply because it's Addy's favourite colour.

Three colourful logo concepts featuring a girl, a boy, and a stuffed unicorn toy

The result

Hayley chose the design which featured Addy in the middle, with her brother to her left and her stuffed unicorn to her right. The main logo is full of colour, and Hayley loved the way it captured Addy's personality and life.

The Adelai Shalom Trust logo

Out of the font options we presented Hayley and Mark, chose the Amaranth font.

The curves in this font make it seem friendly and unique, the same as Addy's personality. It also works well on both screen and printed materials.

Hayley and Mark loved the logo and were thrilled that Bekah was able to capture Addy's personality in the logo.

If you're looking for someone to bring to life the personality and the story behind your organisation, get in touch as we'd love to help.

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