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Pattern Youth

Visual identity and brand guidelines. Pattern Youth are the youth group of Pattern Church, an Anglican church in Swindon, Wiltshire. The group is for those aged 11-18, and they meet both on Sundays and in the week.

Logo design, visual identity, brand guidelines


The brief

Create a visual identity that:

  • Invites young people to come along, find their place in the family, and experience life with Jesus in all its fullness

  • Helps youth to feel at home and able explore their gifts & callings

  • Lets young people in the group feel seen, known, and loved

  • Is friendly and kind, indicating that they are always on the lookout for new people

  • Is fresh, fun, joyful, and outside of the box,

  • Captures the joy of having an active, dynamic relationship with Jesus

pattern logo.jpg
pattern photo.jpg
pattern type.jpg

“Goosio Creative had great communication. They were professional and yet had warmth in the midst of it. They showed amazing skill at drawing out what was in our heads and hearts.”


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