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Growbaby International

Visual identity, web design, and more. Growbaby Intl is the global hub of a charity that provides free, quality clothing & equipment for babies and children in the UK and around the world regardless of income, faith, or background.

Logo design, visual identity, web design,

brand materials, brand guidelines


The brief

Create a visual identity, website, and brand materials that are:

  • Accessible and relatable for all types of people, regardless of faith, education, income, or background

  • Organised but not in a way that it feels rigid, legalistic or unfriendly

  • Simple rather than complex, navigable and informative

  • Filled with life and inspiration through the stories of real people and the impact God has used them to make

  • High-quality because the kingdom of God is the best, but not in a way that they feel out of reach for anyone

  • Kind in the way that they’re put together and presented, with a focus on clear communication and a sense of welcome

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Project links

“Goosio has done a wonderful job creating our website for us. Sam and Bekah could not have been more helpful and they completely understood our needs. 

They went above and beyond to create something that we are proud of and they are too. We cannot recommend them highly enough. Use them and you will be happy!”

Fiona Farrelly, Co-founder

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